Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Angel

Here is a picture of the SheArt angel that I made at school with my friends Katey and Olivia. I hope they post pictures of their angels too because they turned out so cute! She spreads Christmas cheer
How do you put a hard return in blogger? All my sentences run together even though I space them out with the enter key.


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE her!!! I love the colors that you blended through the background with the big doily snowflakes. Her hair is AMAZING! And I love the skirt. The print layed over the skirt is a brilliant idea!
    The quote is perfect! TFS! I hope the Katey and Olivia share theirs too!

  2. Regarding the spacing... There are two editors. I use the "Edit HTML" editor and don't have any problems with spacing. I assume you are using "Compose." Maybe you can use Compose, and switch to HTML to space everything out.

  3. Mary this is BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE her.. these are on my creative list to HOPEFULLY make in 2012!! I LOVE them!!
    So glad to see you back at Mojo!!! :)
    Have a GREAT day!