Saturday, February 4, 2012


This has been a very frustrating day.  I have a TON of school work to do and nothing seems to be coorperating.  The tech. guy from school installed a new program on my computer.  I need to enter all my kids and a ton of tests into the program.  However, the program will not allow me to open the section I need to add my kids. 

After reaching my limit on my aggrevating scale, I decided to scrap.  I made a few things for the challenges at Scrappin Mojo.

Here is my tag for Joni's tag challenge.

This is the card I made for Diane's challenge.  It was to use word art and the word love.  I hope this card fits the challenge, if not, I have my card done for my daughter for Valentine's Day.

And here is the card I made for my own Christmas Card challenge.  I only made three, so I will be making another card for this month.  My goal is to make at least six (6) Christmas cards every month.

Thanks for looking and I can't wait for some more scrapping time.  It makes me feel so much better!


  1. You have certainly had a crafty weekend!
    I love the cards! And thanks for playing along with the tag challenge!
    You need to drop over to the PTI blog. They are having challenges galore with great prizes this week!

  2. Mary EVERYTHING turned out WONDERFUL!! I LOVE when I get in creative time after a crazy day!! Yes visit PTI.. try to WIN some goodness!!! :) Tell them they are BRILLIANT! HA HA!!
    Have a GREAT day.. cant wait to see your crayon art! :)