Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Meet LizArd

This year, I have a couple new guests in my classroom.  One of my students brought in two fence lizards.  I didn't even know that these lizards were native to our area.  They can grow up to 6" long! 

We have had a time with them as over a break, they got out of the tank.  Someone had moved the logs and they climbed out.  We found one the same day we came back but the other one we thought must have gotten back outside.  Almost a week later, another student found in two classrooms down!!!  My students were so excited that we got them both back.  Anyway, I would like for you to meet.....

Liz.  She is the pig of the two and eats crickets like mad!  One day she ate seven in a row.  She is about three inches long from nose to tip of tail.

This is Ard.  He is the runt of the two.  He is only about 1.5" long and does not eat near as much.  We don't know if that is because Liz eats it all or he just does not need as much food.  hahaha  Ard has had a tough time with his tail.  He lost part of it in the wild and then again in the tank.  We are not sure what happened, but think Liz might have thought it was food.

They both really like each other and "cuddle" at night.  Sometimes, Liz will use Ard as a pillow.   I will keep you posted on them.  They have been so much fun and the kids seem to really love them.


  1. What WONDERFUL pictures of Liz and Ard! Thanks for sharing them and their story!

  2. I love your lizards! I had no idea they had such creative names! Anyway you, me, and Olivia need to plan to get together one day after school. We miss not getting to see you every day!