Sunday, January 8, 2012

I'm in LOVE!

I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. Yes, I watched Elf one too many times before Christmas.

As you know, I love making SheArt girls. Well, now I love making them ATC size! Look at this...

She has a hairband! I was thrilled that it turned out! The words were in the book that I am using to create the face, arms, and legs. There were so many possibilities for sayings that I had a hard time deciding what one I wanted to use. Hopefully, waiting will be in the book two more times, as I want all of these three girls to begin She waited...

Here is what the back looks like.

This swap is going to be so much fun!!! Wait until you get to making these! They are super fun! Yes, that came from Legally Blond. LOL


  1. She is so CUTE!!! In my typical fashion, my background was too busy. It's not bad, but way too busy for something this small.
    BUT, I have a new idea and am running with it!

  2. The first time I visited I got carried away by the photo of that cute girl, and BTW, I LOVE the little sundress... now I stopped to read what you wrote. Yes, bad me...
    Sounds like you are having a movie marathon! lol!
    I LOVE the idea of cutting the text out of the book you are working on. That won't work for me though... wait until you see, hehehe...
    It's coming out great so far!

  3. She is so CUTE Mary!! I LOVE the saying that you used!!!
    Have a GREAT day!!!