Sunday, March 25, 2012

Signs of Spring

It is spring in Ohio and the woods are starting to come alive!  That means wild flowers are poking their heads  up from a long winter's nap, the trees are budding, and the mushrooms will be popping.  We went out on the ATV to look for some 'shrooms, but didn't find any. :( 

There is one of the trails we use.  As you can see, it is really close to the creek.

We usually find our first one beside that big tree along the trail.  It looks like it is leaning toward the creek.

Here is a tree that is on down the trail.  You would not believe how BIG this tree is!  I bet it is at least 5 feet wide.  I sure hope no one cuts it down.  The neighbors are timbering their property and that makes me nervous.

Here are a few of the early spring flowers.  We are suppose to get a killing freeze tomorrow, so it is a good thing a lot of plants aren't up yet.

This is what we call a yellow johnny jump up.  These are most common in purple, but you can find them in white too.  They are some of my favorite spring flowers.

We call this a chick-a-dee.  It kind of looks like a little chicken with yellow feet up cloase.

I don't know what this last flower is, but it was growing all by itself.  Check out the leaf!  It is all in one piece.  It has a bright yellow center that did not show up very well with my camera.

Thanks for joining me on a trip through the woods.  We will be out again soon in hopes of finding the elusive morel mushroom!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your Spring! It is so weird to see a whole forest of trees without leaves. Our forests here are pine, so even when it snows the trees are green. That last flower is fascinating. What an unusual leaf! If you find out what it is called, be sure to let me know!