Saturday, June 9, 2012


Several years ago, we rescued a St. Bernard from the local Humane Society.  He was starved and neglected.  His coat is very thich and heavy, so we get him clipped in the spring.  By Fall, his coat has grown back in and he is nice and warm for the winter. 

Here he is before.....

That is Molly down in the corner.  Talk aboutt a bad dog!  LOL

And here he is after! 

He LOVES getting his hair cut!  He just layed on the floor of the garage and let us work.  This is one of my favorite pictures.  If he could talk, he would be saying...."Hi Mom!  What cha want to talk about?"  LOL

Thanks for looking!  He really is a sweetie!

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  1. I showed Cheryl and she said, "That's embarrassing! He's NAKED!" LOL! I think he's adorable! He looks like a real cuddler!